Adult Physiotherapy


The Adult Physiotherapy department helps with many aspects of function, independence, mobility and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

The department provides inpatient rehabilitation for adult patients (those aged 16 and over) at Central Middlesex, Ealing and Northwick Park and St Mark’s Hospitals, with rheumatological, orthopaedic, neurological (including vestibular rehabilitation) and vascular conditions. A range of outpatient services are also provided.

Any therapist working in our Trust has graduated with a Diploma or Degree in Physiotherapy.

To find out about what we offer from our inpatient and outpatient service, click on the relevant link below:

Northwick Park Physiotherapy Department has a dedicated specialist rheumatology physiotherapy team, led by Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist Christina Scorringe, who work closely with the rheumatology consultants in the Arthritis Centre. They specialise in managing conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoporosis, polymyosits, hypermobility syndrome and all inflammatory joint and muscle conditions. Services include individual assessment and treatment, provision of short and long-term exercise plans and access to exercise classes including hydrotherapy. Most of these classes are also available on a self-funded basis at a low cost to enable patients to continue to exercise with supervision on a long-term basis. Current classes include:

  • Hydrotherapy (13 classes per week).
  • Osteoporosis-specific pilates classes
  • Strength and balance classes for patients with osteoporosis.
  • The team also provides rehabilitaion for patients following total knee replacement.  

For further information the team can be contacted on 020 8869 2237.

Central Middlesex Hospital

The Physiotherapy department at Central Middlesex Hospital is based on the ground floor within the Orthopaedic Centre adjacent to the main entrance of the hospital. Map and directions.


Central Middlesex Hospital Physiotherapy Outpatients 
Tel. 020 8453 2234 (9.00am - 4.30pm)
Fax. 020 8453 2239 (24 hours)

Ealing Hospital
The Physiotherapy department at Ealing Hospital is based on Level 1 in the Rehab services department. Map and directions.

Tel. 020 8967 5487 
Fax. 0208 967 5782

Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals

The Physiotherapy department at Northwick Park Hospital is based in the therapies block on Level 4. Map and directions.

Outpatient physiotherapy services for patients with musculo-skeletal conditions is also provided at Belmont Health Centre, Alexandra Avenue Health and Social Care Centre and a number of GP surgeries in Harrow. 


Northwick Park Hospital Physiotherapy Outpatients

Telephone - 020 8869 2228 (9.30am - 4.30pm)
Fax - 020 8869 2416 (24 hours)

Sangita Patel, Head of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy at Northwick Park and St Mark's and Central Middlesex Hospital

Esther Slinn, Acute Therapy lead at Central Middlesex Hospital

Jasmin Desai, Stroke Lead Therapist at Northwick Park and St Mark's

Tanya Aptowitzer, Musculoskeletal Services Lead Cross Site

Chris Thinagar, Physiotherapist Northwick Park and St Mark's        

Christina Scorringe, Clinical Lead Cross Site and Rheumatology Lead at Northwick Park and CMH

Claire Fitzgerald, Clinical Lead Cross Site

Beverley MItchell, Head of Acute Therapy and Ealing Day Treatment Centre 

Dinusha Arya, Acute Physiotherapy Team Ealing

Exercises for common ailments

Here are some exercises you can try at home, without seeing your GP or booking a hospital appointment:

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Arthritis Research UK 
Arthiritis Research UK work to take the pain away from people living with all forms of arthritis and helping them to remain active. They do this by funding high class research, educating health care professionals and providing information to people with arthritis and their carers.

They have pages on common aches and pains and other conditions which also include patient information leaflets that you might find useful. We've added some links to those pages below: 

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
The profession's largest membership organisation. Learn about our structure, partnerships and international activities.

We have created exercise videos which are helpful in describing technique. It is important to complete only the exercises that you have been advised to. If completing these exercise increases your discomfort or pain then discuss with your physiotherapist.