The neonatal service is based on Level 5 of the maternity block at the front of Northwick Park Hospital. The neonatal unit provides care for any babies born in the hospital who require extra help in the moments after birth. This includes babies who are born prematurely, babies who have difficulty in breathing and babies whose mothers might have been unwell during their pregnancy. 

Our services

The newly refurbished neonatal unit has space for 28 babies in total, eight of whom might require intensive or high dependency care. It is staffed by doctors and nurses who are specially trained in the care of the newborn baby as well as therapists who help us make sure that the babies follow a normal pattern of development.

The doctors from the neonatal unit will also attend some deliveries on labour ward if there is any suggestion of a complication and will also perform a discharge examination on every baby before they leave the hospital.

The neonatal unit allows visiting for parents 24 hours a day but has restrictions on other visitors in order to prevent these fragile babies picking up infections and to keep the noise levels to a minimum.

The ward is managed by a modern matron – Mrs Gene Taylor and there are five full time consultants responsible for the care of the babies. 

Breastfeeding sick premature babies

It can be a very emotional time for you when your baby is born early or admitted to our Neonatal Unit. We are here to support and encourage you to become involved in your baby’s care from the very start.   

As a Trust we aim to achieve the best practice standards by supporting breastfeeding and close parent-infant relationships by ensuring as new parents you are supported in making informed decisions around feeding your baby. We want to support you in building a relationship with your new baby as this is the best possible start in life and evidence shows this supports optimum brain development. 

For more information on infant feeding and relationship building please click here.   

Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals

Level 5 of the maternity block at the front of Northwick Park Hospital. Map and directions. We also have a fully interactive map of the unit.


  • Neonatal Unit 
    020 8869 2902 24 hours a day
  • Neonatal Offices 
    020 8869 3941 Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

Dr Richard Nicholl, Consultant in Paediatrics

Dr Pramod Mainie, Consultant Neonatologist

Dr Krzysztof Zieba, Consultant in Neonates

Dr Edit Fukari-Irvine, Consultant in Neonates

Dr Khadija Ben-Sasi, Consultant in Neonates