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Maternity baby

Congratulations on your pregnancy

You now have many choices ahead of you, one of those being, where you would like to give birth and receive your antenatal care. 

At Northwick Park Hospital we provide a safe, homely and comfortable environment where experienced midwives specialise in natural births.

Our midwives will be happy to talk you through all your options to help you plan the birth that you would like. 

They will be there to support you through your pregnancy and after your baby is born.  

The North West London maternity vision statement can be found here.

Now I know I'm pregnant what do I need to do? 

Once you know you are pregnant you should contact us as soon as possible to ensure you have full access to our antenatal screening services. 

We would advise you to book your antenatal care by the 8th week of your pregnancy. You can do this by asking your GP to refer you to our hospital. 

Download this really helpful booklet for mums and families. it has a lot of useful information for you to refer to.  

You can refer yourself directly to a midwife by using our self-referral form

Antenatal classes and tours - To support you and your growing family we offer antenatal classes and workshops to prepare you for the birth of your baby and beyond.  We suggest that you arrange your antenatal classes early - from 26 weeks of pregnancy - as they are very popular and get booked up fast.  Please use this online form to book your classes - http://www.lnwh.nhs.uk/antenatal-classes   If you need to change your appointment please send a text to 07747 865 640. 

You can also find out useful information on labour and postnatal care. 

Visiting hours - Florence and Edith wards

Visiting time for husbands, partners and baby’s siblings to the antenatal and postnatal wards is between 9am – 10pm

Relatives and friends including grandparents may visit between 3pm - 5pm and 7pm - 8pm daily.

We request that you use the hand gel provided on entry and exit to the ward and room areas to minimise the risk of infection. 

Maternity entrance

Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals 

The Northwick Park maternity unit is situated at the front of the hospital with a dedicated Maternity entrance. Map and directions

Northwick Park Hospital provides a full range of maternity services including midwife and obstetric led care.


Antenatal clinic 
Tel. 020 8869 2870 (9am - 4pm)

Delivery Suite (24/7)
Tel. 020 8869 2890 
Incoming calls only. 020 8864 4205

Day Assessment Unit 
Tel. 020 8869 5103 (9am - 5pm)

Edith Ward (antenatal) (24/7)
Tel. 020 8869 2930

Florence Ward (postnatal) (24/7)
Tel. 020 8869 2910 

Birth Centre (24/7)
Tel. 020 8869 5887 

Maternity ultrasound 
Tel. 020 8869 3885 (9am - 5pm)

Community midwives (9am - 4pm)
Tel. 020 8869 2871 

Neonatal Unit 
Tel. 020 8869 2900 27/7

Booking appointments (9am - 5pm)
Tel. 020 8869 5252 

General enquires for antenatal care appointments 
Tel. 020 8869 2870

Central Middlesex Hospital


Central Middlesex Hospital provides antenatal care only in ACAD area 3. Map and directions


  • Antenatal clinic (9am - 4pm)
    020 8869 2870 

Meet the team

Throughout your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby there is a team of professionals based at the hospital and in the community to care for you and your baby. You may not meet all these people but below we explain who they are and what they do:

Our midwives: Our midwives work within the hospital and community. They are trained to give you the care and advice you need to help you prepare for the birth of your baby. They will also be with you during the delivery of your baby and care for you afterwards (postnatal care). We also have specialist midwives available to provide extra care and support should you need it.

All our midwives are supported by a supervisor of midwives. These are experienced midwives who have undertaken additional training to support and guide the midwives working in our maternity unit.

Our obstetricians: These are doctors who specialise in pregnancy and childbirth. Our obstetric team are experts at providing care and support to you if there are circumstances where extra care is needed, for example, if you have or develop a medical condition such as diabetes.

Working together

The midwifery and obstetric teams work closely together to provide a high standard of care that meets your changing needs throughout your pregnancy. The team also has close links with other specialists such as anaesthetists, our neonatal unit and social services.


We are an education centre for doctors and midwives so you may be asked if you would be willing to have a student or another doctor or midwife at your appointment or delivery of your baby. If you do not wish to take part, please let us know, we will understand.

Our Staff

Consultant Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Mr E A D Manning, MBBS, FRCOG   
Special interests:  colposcopy, gynaecology cancer, general gynaecology, laparoscopic major gynaecological surgery, uterine fibroids, benign gynaecological pathologies.

Mr Nilesh Agarwal, MRCOG, 
European Diploma in Operative Laparoscopy (France)
Special interest: fertility, early pregnancy and gynaecological Scanning, acute gynaecology, intra-partum care

Mrs Asra Saleem,  FRCSEd, MRCOG
Specail interest: patient safety, intrapartum care, early pregnancy, emergency gynaecology, menstrual disorders, paediatric & adolescent gynaecology. 

Mr Stewart Disu, MRCOG
Special interest: Minimal access surgery and emergency gynaecology, fibroid surgery, endometriosis surgery, fertility, early pregnancy and gynaecology scanning.
Lead Outpatient hysteroscopy, co-Lead NWLH endometriosis centre, lead UK obstetric surveillance service (UKOSS).

Ms Saswati Maitra, MBBS, MRCOG
Special interest: gynaecology scanning including 3D scanning, general gynaecology, obstetric haematology, intrapartum care.

Mr Kamal Iskander, Md (Edin.), FRCOG
Special interest: severe endometriosis, female genital mutilation,  pelvic pain/endometriosis, fibroids and menstrual irregularities, MAS (laparoscopic surgery), gynaecology and ealry pregnancy scanning, recurrent miscarriage.

Mr Panoyotis Sarhanis
Lead for colposcopy & gynaecology cancer

Ms Priyamvada Tripathi, MBBS, MRCOG
Special interest: intrapartum care, maternal medicine, fetal medicine

Mr Bosco Dragovic,
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Labour Ward lead 

Mr Hiran Samarage,  MS,FSLCOG,FRCOG
Clinical lead maternal-fetal medicine
Special interest: fetal abnormalities, multiple pregnancy, high risk obstetrics

Mrs Neila Mahadevan  
Consultant Obstetrician (P/T)
Lead Consultant for Obstetric Risk Management NorthwickPH site Monday, Thursday, Ealing site Tuesday 

Mr Parijat Bhattacharjee, MRCOG
Lead R&D , HIV & Inf D. In pregnancy 
Special interests: minimal access  surgery, fibroid resection, fertility, gynaecological ultrasound 

Ms Sahana Gupta, MD, MRCOG
Special Interest: in gynaecological scanning, early pregnancy & emergency gynaecology, recurrent miscarriage, maternal medicine & intrapartum care.

Ms Bonilla Nayar, MD, MRCOG, Diploma in Risk Management
Special Interest: intra-partum care, early pregnancy scanning, acute gynaecology, risk management

Mr Peter Yeh, MA MSc MRCOG, Consultant Obstetrician and Specialist in Fetal Maternal Medicine
Lead for obstetric guidelines and protocols
Special interest: fetal medicine, maternal medicine, obstetric guidelines, high risk obstetrics, intrapartum care 

Mr Magdy Nawar, MBBch, MRCOG
Minimal Access Lead
Special Interests: Endometriosis, Fibroids resection, Myomectomy, Endometrial ablation and Laparoscopic surgery

Mr Alvan Priddy,  MD, FRCOG
Special Interests: Infertility, Minimal Access Surgery

Mr Surajit Mitra
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Benefits of breastfeeding

As a Trust we aim to achieve the best practice standards by supporting breastfeeding and close parent-infant relationships by ensuring as new parents you are supported in making informed decisions around feeding your baby. We want to support you in building a relationship with your new baby as this is the best possible start in life and evidence shows this supports optimum brain development. 

For more information on infant feeding and relationship building please click here.   

Eating well in pregnancy

Maternity services support and promotes the start of the ‘healthy life journey’. What happens in pregnancy and early childhood impact on physical and emotional health through into adulthood. Encouraging a healthy pregnancy is one way to ensure best outcomes for both mother and baby, when mother enjoys a well-balanced diet.

First Steps Nutrition Trust is an independent public health nutrition charity that provides information and resources to support eating well from pre-conception to five years. Women will have access to  free downloadable resources, which gives plenty of practical guides on how to eat well cost effectively.

Visit: www.firststepsnutrition.org