Infectious diseases and tropical medicine

The Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine department at London North West Healthcare NHS Trust is the largest in the country and is based at two sites, Ealing Hospital and Northwick Park Hospital. 

The service assesses and treats patients who suffer from symptoms of an infection or tropical disease, for example:

  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Malaria 
  • Cosmopolitan infections like skin, bone and kidney infections. 

Patients can access the infectious disease team either by direct referral from their GP or by going to one of our A&E departments at either Ealing or Northwick Park Hospitals.

Ealing Hospital
The service at Ealing Hospital is run by Dr Gurjinder Singh Sandhu (Consultant in Infectious Diseases and General Medicine), Dr. William Lynn (Consultant in Infectious Diseases and General Medicine) and Prof. Stephen Ash (Consultant in Infectious Diseases and General Medicine). The Consultants are supported by Acute Medicine and Infectious Diseases trainees, alongside specialist nurses for Chronic Hepatitis, HIV and Tuberculosis.

As a service we have a close working relationship with the department of genitourinary medicine. The HIV inpatient and outpatient service on Level 8 is managed jointly with our GUM consultants. There is a dedicated HIV consultant rota managing inpatients and  providing out of hours advice on all HIV-related emergencies including needlestick injuries. The duty HIV consultant can be contacted via Ealing Hospital switchboard. Several HIV clinics are run each week, able to see patients urgently. Full back up by Health Advisers, Sexual Health services, Psychologist, specialist pharmacy, and dedicated ID/HIV specialist ward (Wilmot Ward – 8 South).

We provide a service for the evaluation and treatment of patients with chronic viral hepatitis B and C. Clinical Nurse Specialist run treatment clinic. Real-time liver elastography on site.

The tuberculosis service is shared with the respiratory department and the Infectious Diseases Team provide services for extrapulomary TB. One stop service available for lymph node biopsy's. TB Specialists nurses provide services for contact tracing, monitoring, DOT and latent TB treatment, alongside the TB chest clinic.

The OPAT service provides home intravenous antibiotics either through a District Nurse run community service (limited capacity), ambulatory care or self administration.

We hold regular ward rounds for ID and HIV inpatients as well as participating in the on call medical rota. The unit contributes to the following weekly Multi Disciplinary Team meetings: Microbiology and Infection Control, Intensive Care and Diabetic Foot MDT.

We also have an inpatient service with isolation facilities located on Wilmot Ward (8 South) which looks after patients with Infectious Diseases including HIV, Tuberculosis and Neutropenic sepsis.

Outpatient clinics are located in the Robert Dann Unit (8 North) of Ealing Hospital

Fever clinic runs weekly on a Tuesday morning (ASH03) and is able to see patients urgently if referred by telephone call on the previous day 020 8967 5746 or 020 8967 5747, or send a fax to 020 8967 5677 by the preceding Friday mentioning telephone contact details of patient.

We have students from Imperial College years three and five as well as undergraduate medical students from the American University of the Caribbean. We also provide a joint infection and opthalmology special study module with Moorefields eye hospital for University College Hospital medical students. We provide a lecture based postgraduate Infectious Diseases course for University of Buckingham students. 

Northwick Park Hospital

The infectious disease service at Northwick Park is led by Dr Robert Davidson (Consultant in Infectious Diseases) along with Dr Laurence John (Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Acute Medicine), Dr Tumenah Corrah (Consultant in Infectious Diseases) and Dr Alastair Mac Gregor (Consultant in infectious Diseases and Microbiology). The consultants are supported by specialist registrars (SpR) and senior house officers (SHO), alongside a specialist nursing team.

We have dedicated inpatient facilities -15 negative pressure rooms on Elgar Ward and 10 beds in Defoe Ward. We provide a daily Acute Medicine liaison service and care for a number of patients on the Acute Assessment Unit and other outlying wards in addition to the 25 inpatient ID beds.  We share the care of patients with sepsis or other critical conditions related to infection. We also care for patients with HIV in collaboration with the GUM/HIV outpatient teams and are a tertiary referral unit for inpatients with HIV, severe or complicated TB including drug resistance and tropical Infections.   

There are five outpatient clinics per week including TB, OPAT, HIV discharges and viral hepatitis. We have a busy daily ambulatory Infectious Disease facility (IDAR) based on Clarke Ward run by our specialist nurses which is a venue for urgent GP referrals for with patients with infection, TB diagnosis, OPAT and an Interferon treatment service for those patients with viral hepatitis B and C.

We hold weekly multidisciplinary ward rounds for ID inpatients, HIV and TB, a weekly radiology meeting and journal club.

We have Imperial College medical students attached to the department throughout the academic year and runs firms for years three, five and six. We are supported Imperial College funded teaching fellow who coordinates our undergraduate teaching activities. 


Central Middlesex Hospital

The TB clinic at Central Middlesex Hospital is located on the ground floor of the Bcad building in Roundwood 1. 

Map and directions

You can contact the TB team via the main hospital switchboard on Tel. 020 8965 5733.

Ealing Hospital

The main location for the infectious diseases and tropical medicine team over at Ealing Hospital is the Pasteur Suite Level 8 North of Ealing hospital.

The TB service is located in Chest Clinic, Level 2, Ealing Hospital.

Map and directions.

The main reception contact numbers are:
Tel. 020 8967 5554
Fax. 020 8967 5677

Wilmot ward
This is located in 8 South.

Tel. 020 8967 5667

Outpatient clinics are located in the Robert Dann Unit, in 8 North.

Tel. 020 8967 5746 or 020 8967 5747

TB service 
The TB service is located 

Tel. 020 8967 5282

OPAT service
OPAT services are based in the Robert Dann Unit, 8 North.

Specialist Nurse  - 07507 864 825

Viral hepatitis service
Specialist nurse - 020 8967 5000 or via the switchboard/bleep 553. 

HIV service
Specialist Nurse - 020 8967 5000 or via switchboard/bleep 708

Northwick Park Hospital 
Map and directions

Elgar Ward
Elgar Ward is based on the 5th floor of the new modular block which is located at the back of the hospital next to the Emergency Department. 

Tel. 020 8869 5321 or 020 8869 5322

Defoe Ward
Defoe Ward is based at the front of the hospital on Level 4. 

Tel: 020 8869 2957 or 020 8869 5009

Infectious Diseases Assessment Rooms (IDAR)
IDAR is located on Clarke Ward as above.

Tel. 020 8869 2275

Viral Hepatitis treatment service
This is located in the Infectious Diseases Assessment Rooms (IDAR) - see above

Infectious disease outpatients clinics take place within the main outpatients department (located on Level 4 at the front of Northwick Park Hospital) and within the Renal Unit on Level 3 (located at the back of Northwick Park Hospital). Please check your appointment letter for the exact location of your appointment.

Tel. 020 8869 2831 or 020 8869 2275 

TB service 
The TB team are based within the TB unit on level 4 of the Lister Unit which is located at the back of the hospital near to the Northwick Park tube entrance.

Tel. 020 8869 3084, 020 8869 3480, 020 8869 3085 or 020 8869 3482

OPAT service
The OPAT team are based on Level 4 of the Lister Unit which is located at the back of the hospital near to the Northwick Park tube entrance.

Tel. 020 8869 2275

HIV service
This is located in the Department of Genitourinary Medicine located at the front of the hospital.

Tel. 020 8235 4158

Ealing Hospital

Dr. Gurjinder Singh Sandhu PhD, MRCP, DTM&H, Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases and Acute Medicine
Specialist interests: TB, Poverty, Migrant Health and Tropical Infections

Professor Stephen Ash, Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases and Acute Medicine, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and General Medicine
Special interestsViral hepatitis

Dr William Lynn MBBS MD FRCP, Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases and Acute Medicine
Consultant in Infectious Diseases and General Medicine
Special interests: Tuberculosis

Dr Nigel O’Farrell, Consultant Physician in HIV and G U Medicine

Che Cootauco, TB Team Leader and Service Manager 

Wendy Dalton, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Michelle Slinn, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Precious Dzukuso, TB Clinical Nurse Specialist

Ruth Quayson, TB Clinical Nurse Specialist

Pearl Adase, TB Clinical Nurse Specialist

Sue Pope, TB Clinical Nurse Specialist

Halla Kim, TB Clinical Nurse Specialist 

Ahmed Yassin, TB Outreach Worker 

Roger Scott, TB Administrator 

Northwick Park Hospital

Dr Robert Davidson, MD, FRCP, DTM&H, Consultant in Infectious Diseases
Special interests: Tuberculosis, Leishmaniasis, Helminth infections

Dr Laurence John, MD MRCP DTM&H Dip HIV Med, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Acute Medicine
Special interests: HIV inpatient care, TB/HIV coinfection and viral hepatitis

Dr Alastair McGregor, BA, MBBS, MSc, MCRP, FRCPath, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology
Special Interests: Imported and tropical infection, parasitology, TB, antimicrobial stewardship

Dr Tumena Corrah, Bsc, MRCP, DPhil(Oxon), Consultant in Infectious diseases and acute medicine
Clinical lead for OPAT
Special interests: OPAT (bone and joint infections), HIV inpatient care, TB

TB Team

  • John Dzvova, Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Denis Keane, Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Sirima Dassanaike, Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Lakshmi Singaram-Chettiar, Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Charulata Patel, TB Administrator

Ward Team - Elgar Ward

  • Cindy Marudamuthu- Ward Manager

  • Felisa Partearroyo, Sister

  • Anna Maria Carillo, Sister

  • Fiona Foley, Sister

  • Zahra Dualeh, Staff Nurse                                  

  • Cherifer Mamuyac, Staff Nurse                               

  • Marina Tejero Garcia, Staff Nurse                       

  • Ana Marie Cristobel, Staff Nurse                

  • Marie Josee Naik, Staff Nurse                              

  • David Garner, Staff Nurse                                   

  • Brinto Antony, Staff Nurse                                     

  • Lemuel Mallari, Staff Nurse                                  

  • May Gamit, Staff Nurse                                        

  • Javier Sanchez Perez, Staff  Nurse

  • Sara Hortal Santos, Staff Nurse

  • Sara Matinez Calvo, Staff Nurse

  • Jose Paul Kuruthukulangarakoola, Staff Nurse

  • Regine Mendez, Staff Nurse                                                            

  • Sara Hortal, Staff Nurse

  • Josin Joseph, Advanced Health Care Assistant

  • Marvijoy Melendez, Advanced Health Care Assistant

    Health Care Assistant

  • Mary Rwebangila, Health Care Assistant                            

  • Krishna Bista, Health Care Assistant                                         

  • Fatima Dashtkar, Health Care Assistant                                   

  • Annah Mbaimbai, Health Care Assistant                                

  • Gita Rana, Health Care Assistant  

  • Lovelle Buerano, Advanced Health Care Assistant 

  • Gregg Peregrino, Advanced Health Care Assistant

Ward Team- Defoe Ward

  • Cindy Marudamuthu- Ward Manager

  • Alvin Castro - Charge Nurse

  • Jesna Parrokaran - Ward Sister

  • Ola Yusuf - Staff Nurse

  • Venus Daquiz - Staff Nurse

  • Eunja Lee - Staff Nurse

  • Louise Applebaum - Staff Nurse

  • Eugenia Araujo Beltran - Staff Nurse

Health Care Assistants

  • Maria Moreno - Health Care Assistant

  • Priscilla Lartey - Health Care Assistant

  • Sindhu Varughese - Health Care Assistant 

  • Adama Musa - Health Care Assistant

  • Istvan Tamasi - Health Care Assistant

  • Elaine Valdez - Advanced Health Care Assistant

  • Jesssa Petallana - Advanced Health Care Assistant

IDAR Team (including OPAT and Hepatitis)

  • Hansa Varia - Lead Nurse/Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Kelcy Salinas - Sister

  • Dina Shah - Senior Secretary

  • Metti Smith - Secretary

  • Sharon Huntley - SeniorAdministrator for IDAR and ID outpatients