Clinical haematology

The haematology service delivers care to patients with a wide range of blood abnormalities and diseases across our three hospital sites. Information about specific conditions can be found at www.nhs.uk

Our services

The Brent Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Unit at Central Middlesex Hospital
This offers a wide range of services to communities with, or ‘at risk’ of, Sickle Cell, Thalassaemia, G6PD and other genetically inherited conditions of haemoglobin. The Centre was the first to be established in the UK, in 1979, and continues to play a major role in developing client sensitive, innovative, research-based services. This has earned the Centre a reputation as a leader in this specialist field.

The Centre is staffed by a team of health and non-healthcare professionals which includes doctors, specialist nurses, psychologists and social workers. These professionals all have extensive experience, knowledge and skill in managing people with these conditions.

The Centre is a walk-in Centre and is open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday and a member of nursing staff is on duty and will answer questions, give information, offer a blood test and give genetic and other forms of counselling as and when required.

The Centre has a wide range of educational and health promotion resources including leaflets, reference books, videos, posters, and patient-management guides for health and allied professionals. There is a support group run by a group of parents who meet monthly and can be contacted through the Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Centre. 

To help raise awareness staff at the Centre organise awareness campaigns and these take place in schools, colleges, health clinics, universities, religious Centres, hospitals, homes and social clubs.

Ealing Hospital
The haematology service at Ealing Hospital delivers care to patients with a wide range of blood abnormalities. The clinical service is delivered by Hillingdon Hospital and is currently separate from the service delivered at Northwick Park and Central Middlesex Hospitals.

What happens when I visit the haematology service? 
We treat many conditions at our units and your treatment plan will depend on the nature of your condition. 

You will have a consultation with a doctor on your first visit.   They will decide what tests to perform, depending on what tests you have had previously, when these tests were carried out and the nature of your condition.

Haematology patient support group at Ealing Hospital

This very active patient group provides a support network for patients and regularly raises funds to improve facilities in the department. They hold regular meetings.  To join the Ealing group contact Clinical Nurse Specialists on 020 8967 5562.

Northwick Park Hospital
The department at Nothwick Park hospital mainly focuses on haemato-oncology, but also sepcialises in other blood diseases: Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia, thrombosis/haemostasis/anti-coagulation and general haematology (low / high platelets, anaemias, iron-loading disorders/haemochromatosis.

All new patients at Northwick Park Hospital are invited to attend a newly formed one-stop clinic so that diagnosis and any necessary treatments can be undertaken quickly. 

If patients need further follow-up or treatment under our care, they are then placed in sub-specialist clinics and seen by a sub-specialist haematologist together with a Clinical Nurse Specialist (Key Worker).

The inpatient service currently has 12 isolation beds on Kingsley Ward, all with en-suite facilities and air filters in a dedicated ward for haemato-oncology. There are also designated day care facilities and an urgent care assessment room available within the haematology ward to provide transfusions, and other infusions required for intensive outpatient care.

Central Middlesex hospital 
The Haematology Centre is based on the 2nd floor of the main building of Central Middlesex Hospital with the Rainbow Children's Centre based on the ground floor. Map and directions.

Haematology office
Tel. 020 8453 2292 or 020 8869 2286

Ealing Hospital
The haematology unit at Ealing Hospital is located on Level 8. Map and directions.

Contact patient services
Tel. 020 8967 5329 

Northwick Park Hospital
 - Map and directions.

Haematology office -
Tel. 020 8869 2742

Kingsley ward
Tel. 020 8869 2822 

Daycare and assessment unit
Tel. 020 8869 2822

Anticoagulant specialist nurses
Tel. 020 8869 2737

Interim general manager - Ms Annie Kelly
Tel. 020 8869 3469

Service manager - Ms Karen Ellis
Tel. 020 8869 3471

Head of Clinical Haematology - Dr Nicki Panoskaltsis

Head of Laboratory Haematology - Dr Gavin Cho

Haematology Laboratory Manager - Mr Jon Sims


  • Dr Robert Ayto, MBBS PhD MRCP FRCPath BSc (Hons)
    Specialist Interest Myeloma/Lymphoma

  • Dr Gavin Cho, MBChB  MRCP(UK) FRACP FRCPA, Head of Laboratory Haematology, Sickle Cell, Haemoglobinopathy and Transfusion Lead

  • Dr Fatts Chowdhury, BSc(Hons) MRCP FRCPath FHEA  
    Specialist Interest Thrombosis/Haemostasis

  • Dr Maureen Heath, MBBS BSc MRCP FRCPath CLL Lead 
    Specialist Interest Lymphoma/Myeloma

  • Dr Charalampia Kyriakou, MD PhD Myeloma and Lymphoma Lead

  • Dr Szabolcs Modok, MD PhD Chemotherapy and Clinics Lead, Specialist Interest Lymphoma/Myeloma

  • Dr Majid Syed Naorose-Abidi, BSc MD FRCPath, Thrombosis-Haemostasis and Obstetric Haematology Lead

  • Dr Nicki Panoskaltsis, MD PhD FRCP, Head of Clinical Haematology

Brent Sickle Cell Centre

Medical Director - Dr Gavin Cho

Senior Specialist Nurse Consultant - Dr Lola Oni OBE

Paediatric Consultant - Dr Michele Afif

Senior Specialist Nurse (Paediatric Acute Community) - Mairead Geraghty

Senior Specialist Nurse (Acute Hospital) - Shola Shoyemi

Specialist Community Nurses - Vesna Graham & Lynette Haynes

Specialist Midwife - Sherry Amoroso-Mensah

Psychologist - Dr Kofi A Anie

Research Nurse - Dr Annette Gilmore