General surgery


Our general surgical team offers a full range of emergency and planned inpatient and day case surgery.

Central Middlesex, Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals

We provide the whole range of surgical gastroenterology, performing high volumes of routine general and specialist gastrointestinal surgery. We are also a busy acute emergency surgical service. We provide a specialist in-house referral service for routine and emergency gastrointestinal surgical problems, and are available for referrals from our medical colleagues and also other surgical specialties.

The emergency service has recently been enhanced by the recruitment of five additional general surgical consultants and the opening of a Surgical Assessment Unit.

The general surgical department for Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospital now consists of nine full time consultant surgeons under the clinical leadership of Mr Stuart Gould. The service is supported by four specialist registrars in general surgery and two experienced clinical fellows.

Our service

St Mark's Hopsital is a specialist treatment centre for colorectal malignancy and a diagnostic centre for upper gastrointestinal malignancy.

Weekly outpatient clinics are held for general and gastrointestinal surgery at Northwick Park Hospital and specialist coloproctology and complex upper GI management clinics are held at St Mark's Hospital. A two-week wait cancer referral service for suspected upper gastrointestinal and colorectal cancer is also provided.

Inpatient surgery is performed at Northwick Park Hospital and Central Middlesex Hospital. This includes most routine upper and lower gastrointestinal procedures, including laparoscopic surgery. Particular expertise is in major colonic and small bowel resection for benign and malignant disease, perianal procedures, laparoscopic cholecystectomy and laproscopic exploration of bile ducts and anti-reflux surgery, laparoscopic and open hernia repair of all types and emergency gastrointestinal surgery.

Daycase surgery is performed at Central Middlesex Hospital. This includes laparoscopic cholecystectomy (for which we also run the first one-stop cholecystectomy clinic in the UK), hernia surgery, perianal procedures, excision of lumps and bumps and paediatric surgery.  

Ealing Hospital
Ealing Hospital has a very well established gastrointestinal service programme including upper gastrointestinal and colorectal surgery.

The department is staffed by four consultant surgeons offering a wide range of laparoscopic surgeries ranging from:
  • laparoscopic hernia repair

  • laparoscopic cholecystectomy and bile duct exploration

  • laparoscopic/open liver cyst de-roofing

  • laparoscopic splenectomy

  • laparoscopic fundoplication

  • laparoscopic colonic resections including laparoscopic right hemicolectomy, lap anterior resections and lap AP resections.

In addition we also provide emergency laparoscopic surgery including laparoscopic appendicectomy and cholecystectomy (hot gall bladder service).

The department has made significant progress over the last few years in offering a very high quality service and is currently working on integrating an enhanced recovery programme to expedite patient discharge and minimise postoperative discomfort.

Over the last year we have introduced a surgeon of the week service which provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week consultant delivered emergency surgical services and meets the standard set by NHS London for the provision of emergency surgical services.

The department has an active teaching and training programme which attracts trainees from wide areas including overseas. There are established research links with the Royal Free Hospital and we currently offer a part time MSc in evidence based surgery through links with the Royal Free and University College London.  

The upper gastrointestinal and colorectal cancer service is supported by a well established local multi-disciplinary team as well as network multi-disciplinary team with regional units based at St Mary’s and Hammersmith Hospitals, along with  a team of dedicated Macmillan cancer specialist nurses. We are also part of a joint inflammatory bowel disease multi-disciplinary team with our gastroenterology colleagues. We have a comprehensive endoscopy service which offers both diagnostic and therapeutic upper gastrointestinal endoscopy including endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCPs), duodenal, oesophageal and biliary stenting for malignant and benign diseases as well as therapeutic endoscopy for upper gastrointestinal bleed. We also offer a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic lower gastrointestinal endoscopy service including colonoscopies, flexible sigmoidoscopies and endoscopic polypectomy.

The service is well respected by our local community and has a very high satisfaction rate from our patients.  We intend to build further on our success over the coming months and years to continue being a beacon service in the region.

Central Middlesex Hospital
Clinics are based within the Gastroenterology and GI Surgery Centre on the first floor. Map and directions.


Appointments line (9am - 4pm)
Tel. 020 8453 2203

Surgical Assessment Unit
Tel. 020 8869 5092

Tel. 020 8453 2627 / 020 8453 2614

Ealing Hospital
Click here for map and directions.


Hildegard Nagele, Secretary
Tel. 020 8967 5628


Jackie Keane and Carole Coward, Secretaries
Tel. 020 8967 5152 or 020 8967 5778


Jennifer Campbell, Secretary 
Tel. 020 8967 5611

Raquel McKay, Secretary 
Tel. 020 8967 5875

Upper GI

Doriel Kamya, Secretary 
Tel. 020 8967 5531


Tina Duwa, Secretary 
Tel. 020 8967 5418



Valerie Augustine (Mr E Saavedra) 
Tel. 020 8697 5618

Stephen Carney (Mr M Beverly)
Tel. 020 8697 5407                

Anne Kennedy (Miss S Tross) 
Tel. 020 8967 5493

Maureen Ruane (Mr P Baghla)
Tel. 020 8967 5609

Maureen Alexander (Mr T Zaman/ Mr S Grange (Locum))
Tel. 020 8697 5625

Oral surgery

Susan Ryder, Secretary 
Tel. 020 8967 5497


Julie John, Administrator 
Tel. 020 8967 5606 or 020 8967 5707

Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals
Clinics are held in the main outpatients area. Map and directions.

Central Middlesex, Northwick Park, St Mark's Hospitals

Mr Stuart Gould, Clinical lead

Mr Raj Bhutiani, Consultant general surgeon

Mr Salman Bokhari, Consultant general surgeon

Mr Alberto Isla, Consultant general surgeon

Mr Lampros Liasis, 
Consultant general surgeon

Mr Peter McDonald, Consultant general surgeon

Mr Kamran Qureshi, Consultant general surgeon

Mr Manoj Sen, Consultant general surgeon

Mr Joesph Watfah, Consultant general surgeon

Ealing Hospital


  • George Geroulakos, Consultant Vascular Surgeon
  • Mr Vikas Pandey, Consultant


  • Mr Asif Raza, Consultant
  • Mr Deepak Batura, Consultant
  • Mr Muhammad Shafiq, Consultant


  • Mr M Pathmarajah, FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Gen) Dip MAS, Consultant
  • Mr Tushar Agarwal, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon
  • Mr Chopada, Consultant
  • Mr Hussain, Consultant  
  • Mr Pepe Mullerat, Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon
  • Miss Mukundan, Locum Consultant

Upper GI

  • Mr H Sheth, Consultant 


  • Miss Bareen Shah, FRCS, FRCS, Consultant
  • Mr N Kadoglou, Consultant
  • Mr S K Dutta, Locum Consultant


  • Mr E Saavedra, Consultant
    Secretary, Valerie Augustine: 020 8697 5618

  • Mr M Beverly, Consultant
    Secretary, Stephen Carney: 020 8697 5407   

  • Miss S Tross, Consultant
    Secretary, Anne Kennedy: 020 8967 5493

  • Mr P Baghla, Consultant
    Secretary, Maureen Ruane: 020 8967 5609

  • Mr T Zaman/ Mr S Grange, Locum Consultants
    Secretary, Maureen Alexander: 020 8697 5625

Oral surgery

  • Mr JE McKenny, Consultant
  • Mr F Barrak, Consultant
  • Mr Kumar, Consultant


  • Professor Narula, Consultant
  • Mr A Parikh, Consultant
  • Mr N Tolley, Consultant
  • Mr K Patel, Consultant