Elderly care

Nurse with patient in bed

 The department of elderly care medicine deals with a wide variety of illnesses. We deal principally with the diagnosis and treatment of illness in older people. The department also specialises in acute elderly medicine, stroke, transient ischemic attack (TIA), ortho-geriatrics as well as having a falls service and intermediate care and rehabilitation.

The goal of the elderly care services is to support patients to help them recover to an optimal level of health, with the view of discharging them to an independent life at home or in to a suitable home in the community.

Our services

Central Middlesex, Northwick Park and St. Mark's Hospitals 
Northwick Park Hospital has two care of the elderly wards, Fielding and Hardy (Level 6 and 8 of the ward block). There is also a dedicated stroke service (Haldane and Herrick, Level 8 of the ward block) for patients with symptoms of, or who have suffered, a stroke.

Central Middlesex Hospital has three general medical wards (Gladstone 2, 4 and 4, level 1) which caters for all patients requiring admission and Gladstone 1 Ward level 1, for stroke patients.

On admission, patients will be reviewed by medical staff and where necessary the relevant tests and investigations will be conducted to determine the course of their illness. All patients admitted to these wards are cared for under a named consultant with a multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, healthcare and rehabilitation professionals and a discharge co-ordinator to ensure patients are nursed back to health as soon as practically possible.

Outpatient services
The following outpatient services are provided at Central Middlesex Hospital:

  • Elderly care clinics - Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings
  • Falls clinic - Monday afternoons
  • Heart failure clinic (nurse-led).

The directorate provides the following outpatient services at Northwick Park Hospital:

  • Elderly care clinics - Thursday and Friday mornings
  • Falls service - Monday afternoons
  • Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) service - Friday mornings.

Ealing Hospital
The directorate at Ealing Hospital provides the following services:

Acute medical care
Ealing Hospital has two elderly care ward son Level 5 of the hospital – Ward 5 South and Ward 5 North. We also offer support to elderly patients on the acute medical unit on Level 1 and the frailty unit in CDU on Level 2. When admitted to these wards, elderly patients are assessed by a multi-disciplinary team and relevant tests and investigations may be carried out. Patients are admitted under a named consultant and undergo a comprehensive assessment of their needs to ensure maximal independence and a safe discharge.

Our aim is to provide continuous care for older people across the hospital, the local Clayponds Specialist Rehabilitation Hospital, intermediate care services, community services and the necessary medical, social and therapies provision for older people to continue to live in the community.

Outpatient services

  • Falls clinic - Ealing Day Treatment Centre - twice a week
  • General elderly care clinics - daily
  • Older person’s rapid access clinic (OPRAC) - daily

The OPRAC is a ‘one-stop’ clinic for the comprehensive review of older patients with complex medical problems. We are able to offer urgent reviews within 48 hours for patients referred by their GP, the intermediate care service or Accident and Emergency.

Patients may need to stay with us on the unit for a few hours. This is so that we can carry out some of the investigations that may be required on the day a patient attends saving unnecessary return visits.  It also ensures the most appropriate treatment can be decided upon without delay.

Day hospital
If patients require more specialist treatment, a blood transfusion or the administration of medication that requires a period of monitoring, they may be invited to attend the day hospital which is part of the OPRAC unit and situated on the same ward. Patients will be seen and treated by the same doctors and nurses they have already met on the unit.

Central Middlesex Hospital
The elderly care wards at Central Middlesex Hospital are based on Level 1. Map and directions.

Ward numbers:

Gladstone Suite 1
Tel. 020 8453 2019

Gladstone Suite 2
Tel. 020 8453 2031

Gladstone Suite 3
Tel. 020 8453 2013

Gladstone Suite 4
Tel. 020 8453 2015

Ealing Hospital
The elderly care wards at Ealing Hospital are located on Level 5. OPRAC is located on Level 9 North. Map and directions.

To contact the elderly care team call the switchboard on 020 8967 5000.

The Falls Clinic is located at Ealing Day Treatment Centre.
Tel: 0208 571 1143

Clayponds Hospital
Tel: 020 8560 4011

Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals
The elderly care wards are based on Level 6 of the ward block with the stroke ward located on Level 5. Map and directions.

Ward numbers:

Fielding Ward
Tel. 020 8869 3963

Hardy Ward
Tel. 020 8869 2434

Haldane Ward (Stroke Unit)
Tel. 020 8869 2442

Herrick Ward (Stroke Unit)
Tel. 020 8869 5536

Central Middlesex Hospital

Gladstone Suites

  • Dr Charles Cayley, Consultant Physician
  • Dr Danny McCrea, Consultant Physician
  • Dr Younatan Beitverda, Consultant Physician
  • Dr Mahua Chatterjee, Consultant Physician

Ealing Hospital

Dr David I Slovick, MBBS, FRCP, MA, PhD, Consultant physician and geriatrician

Special interests: 
general geriatric medicine, hypertension and heart failure

Dr Biga Gunawardana, MBBS, MRCP, Consultant physician and geriatrician

Special interests: general geriatric medicine, falls

Dr Alfa Sa’Adu
, BSc, MBBS, DTM&H, MSc, PhD, FRCP, Consultant physician and geriatrician

Special interests: diabetes in the elderly, infections in the elderly and safeguarding

Dr Jayalini Maruthappu
, MBBS, MRCP (UK), Associate specialist

Special interests: 
general geriatric medicine, gastroenterology

Northwick Park and St Mark’s Hospital  

Care of the Elderly

Hardy Ward

  • Dr Marie Vilasuso, Consultant Acute Geriatrician
  • Dr Lai Ping Thum, Consultant Acute Geriatrician
  • Dr Sushen Bhattacharyya, Consultant Orthogeritrician

Fielding ward

  • Dr Eddy Chua, Consultant Acute Geriatrician
  • Dr Nuwan Karunaratne, Consultant Acute Geriatrician

Stroke Units (Haldane and Herrick wards)

  • Dr David Cohen, Consultant Stroke Physician
  • Dr Raj Bathula, Consultant Stroke Physician
  • Dr Joseph Devine, Consultant Stroke Physician
  • Dr Alwis Lankanathan, Consultant Stroke Physician