Get involved in our quest to help a patient with dementia - we have lots of wool you can use.

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Donated by volunteers from Preston Road Library, Wembley

The Trust would like to provide all our dementia patients with a ‘twiddlemuff. A TwiddleMuff is a woollen muff, with twiddles such as buttons, beads or zips attached inside and out and is designed to provide a stimulation activity for the restless hands of disoriented or confused patients, particularly those with dementia.

To avoid any risk of cross infection, each patient will receive their own twiddlemuff which they can take home with them after they leave hospital. This will mean we will need a constant supply to help all our patients and would be grateful if knitters or crocheters could pick up their needles and support us.

Finished mitts can be dropped off to:

Drop off your twiddlemuff to:

Northwick Park Hospital Reception
Watford Road

Ealing Hospital Reception
Uxbridge Road

Central Middlesex Hospital Reception
Acton Lane
Park Royal
NW10 7NS

Patterns and ideas

Get your Twiddlemuff pattern here 

Decorating your Twiddlemuff - some things to consider

Ideas for creating knitted Twiddles

Twiddlemuffs can also be crocheted - download your pattern here

If you don't knit or crotchet, but would like to donate beads, buttons etc. you can drop them off at the addresses above. Please don't donate any wool.

It is also a great pastime for school children to get involved in – wool and needles can be purchased cheaply from many charity shops.

Thank you for your help.