A Colposcopy is a procedure which involves a doctor or nurse specialist using a magnifying instrument called a colposcope to check the cells on the surface of the cervix (neck of the womb) for abnormalities.  

Reasons you might be referred for a colposcopy:

  • Abnormal smear test 
  • GP unable to take a cervical smear test
  • Previous persistent inadequate samples.
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding.
  • Cervical polyps
  • Cervical warts.

We provide an outpatients' diagnostic and treatment service by qualified colposcopists. The colposocopy team manages women with abnormal smears and treats precancerous lesions of the cervix. The team also provides diagnostic and treatment for diseases of the vagina and vulva.

Our services

Central Middlesex, Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals
The service adheres to the government guidelines of providing colposocopy service in a timely manner for patients according to the grading of the referral smear. These are as follows:

  • Glandular - within two weeks
  • Moderate to severe - within four weeks
  • Mild to border line - within eight weeks.

Each week we provide the following:

  • There are eight colposcopy clinics weekly
  • Smear clinic for colposcopy patients
  • Outpatient LLETZ (large loop excision of the transformation zone) treatment four times a week
  • Dedicated female staff available in the clinic.

Ealing Hospital

At Ealing hospital there are five consultant-led colposcopy clinics each week, in addition there is a nurse led smear clinic every two weeks.

Services we provide: 

Please note that Ealing Hospital is a teaching hospital and students may be present at your examination with your consent. Colposcopy is a specialised area in which qualified doctors may be receiving training.

Central Middlesex Hospital
Colposcopy are based in the ACAD, area 3 of the main hospital. 

Tel: 020 8453 2780

Map and directions.

Ealing Hospital
The Colposcopy Clinic is located in Outpatients 3 on Level 3 (orange wing) and is accessible from either the outpatient department or main entrances. Map and directions.

Appointment Line
Tel. 020 8967 5610

Colposcopy Lead Nurse

Tel. 020 8967 5557

Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals
Colposcopy are based in the gynaecology outpatients department, Level 4 of the maternity unit.

Tel: 020 8869 3225

 Map and directions.

Mr Everard Manning, Consultant in Obs. and Gynae.

Mr Panayotis Sarhanis, Consultant in Obs. and Gynae

Mr Hathem Khalil,Consultant Gynaecologist and obstetrician/Lead counsultant colposcopy (Ealing Hospital)

Mr Sam George, Consultant Gynaecologist (Ealing Hospital)

Mr Alak Pal, Consultant Gynaecologist and obstetrician (Ealing Hospital)

Mrs Amy Loughlin, Lead Nurse Colposcopy (Ealing Hospital)


Referrals to all three of our main hospital sites are via your GP or directly from the Cytology Laboratory following an abnormal smear. NB: The service doesn't accept self-referrals from patients.