Breast services

The breast services unit provides a comprehensive range of surgical services across Northwick Park and Central Middlesex Hospital sites. 

We see over 3,900 new referrals and treat over 300 patients with cancer each year, who are referred from GPs and the NHS Breast Screening Service. The unit runs one-stop rapid diagnostic clinics three times a week, led by three consultant surgeons and five consultant radiologists.

Those diagnosed with breast cancer are treated by a multidisciplinary team which provides individualised and co-ordinated high quality care. Patients are supported and counselled through their cancer journey, by a team of four breast care nurses.

Our services
The surgical unit offers a full range of operative procedures, including sentinel lymph node biopsy. The majority of cancer surgery takes place at Northwick Park Hospital, but selected cases are performed at Central Middlesex Hospital. At both sites we try to perform all procedures as day cases. We have close links with the plastic surgery department at Charing Cross Hospital, and together we are able to offer reconstructive options, if necessary. Our oncoplastic breast surgeon can perform reconstructions locally, apart from the major abdominal flap reconstructions.

As well as cancer patients, we also provide support and if necessary, operative management, for benign symptomatic breast disease.  

One stop clinics
The one stop clinics ensure patients attending an appointment are given access to three critical diagnostic assessments, which can include the following:

  • Clinical evaluation to establish diagnosis
  • Access to radiology and pathology testing, including mammogram, ultrasound and needle biopsy
  • Fine needle aspiration of any suspicious lymph nodes.

The breast services team are part of the UK leaders in running clinics of this type, enabling many patients to have their results or diagnosis before they leave.

Imaging services
The Breast Imaging Department also performs minimal invasive image guided excisions of benign breast lesions where required and are leaders in this field. Northwick Park Hospital is also UK’s most experienced centre in MRI guided localisation and vacuum biopsy of the breast.

Oncology services
Oncology services supporting breast cancer patients is linked with Mount Vernon Cancer Centre with access to world class research trials. The majority of chemotherapy is delivered on-site on our Day Care Chemotherapy Centre.

About your appointment
On referral from your GP, the hospital will contact you with an appointment date to see a consultant at the hospital. You will be under the care of the consultant named on your clinic letter and will be seen by either the consultant or a member of their clinical team.

The breast cancer service is part of the London Cancer Alliance and manages all patients with proven or suspected pre-malignant and malignant breast cancers.

This service is further supported by the Macmillan support team who have offices onsite.

There are currently two one stop clinics operating each week. On a Monday at Northwick Park Hospital and on a Tuesday morning from Central Middlesex Hospital.


Tel. 020 8869 2618  (10am - 4pm)

Breast Service Nurses 
Tel. 020 8869 2510

Dr Andreas Makris, Consultant in Oncology

Dr Arshi Denton, Consultant in Oncology

Dr Neera K Patel, Lead Breast Pathologist.  NHSBSP London QA Pathologist 

Dr Ezra Nigar, Consultant in Cellular Pathology

Dr Nayef Aqel, Consultant in Cellular Pathology

Dr Nidhi Prasad, Consultant in Cellular Pathology

Mr Robert Reichert
, MD FACS, Consultant Breast Surgeon 

Special interests: Sentinel lymph node biopsy

Mr Jason Lee
, Consultant Breast Surgeon

Special interest: Oncoplastic surgery

Ms Inge Peerlinck
, Consultant Breast Surgeon

Special interest: General Breast surgery

Dr Sheela Kula, Consultant in Radiology

Dr William Teh, Consultant in Radiology. Lead Cancer Clinician, LCA Breast Cancer Chair and NHSBSP QA Radiologist

Special interest: Vacuum procedures and MRI breasts

Dr Julia Scarth, Consultant in Radiology

Dr Toral Patel, Consultant in Radiology

Dr Bharti Shah, Consultant in Radiology