Paediatric hearing assessments

Below is information on the Paediatric hearing assessments we perform.

Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) 
This is an ear specific hearing assessment, using a small ear insert. The test can determine if the cochlea is functioning properly. The test is very quick and gives the result immediately, although it can be difficult to get a response if the baby is unsettled at the time of the test or if there is any fluid in the ear. 

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) 
This is an ear specific hearing assessment, using a small ear insert.  This test can determine if the cochlea and the nerve of hearing are functioning properly. It can take a while to gather the test information. The child must be asleep during testing.

Pure Tone Audiometry 
Ear specific hearing assessments using ear phones where the child responds using a response button.

Play Audiogram 
Ear specific hearing assessment with headphones, the child responds using elements of play.

Performance Audiogram 
Hearing assessment measuring a child’s over all hearing with a hand held device, using elements of play.

Test which measures how well sound has been transferred through the middle ear system. It identifies the presence of middle ear fluid or perforations.

Speech Testing 
Test the child’s ability to hear, detect and discriminate more complex sounds, such as language/speech.

Visual reinforcement audiometry 
Hearing assessment using a visual reward when the child responds to sounds.

Distraction Testing 
Hearing assessment using various sound stimuli and play.