The Audiology department provides a service for the diagnosis and management of patients with disorders of hearing.    

Our audiology services are provided at Central Middlesex, Ealing and Northwick Park Hospitals.

Central Middlesex and Northwick Park Hospitals

We provide both outpatient and community-based services for the diagnosis and treatment of adults and children with hearing difficulties such as:

  • Sudden deafness
  • Asymmetrical hearing loss
  • Profound deafness
  • Conductive deafness
  • Adult hearing aid services.

We provide a fully-modernised hearing aid service, including hearing assessments (direct referral) performed to national standards, fitting of digital behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids and follow-up where required. We also have daily booked appointments for hearing aid repairs and a ‘Drop off’ service for more urgent hearing aid repairs.

We also provide a fully modernised Paediatric Hearing Aid Service in the Brent and Harrow catchment area. This includes hearing assessment, hearing aid fitting and regular follow-up and re-assessment.

Batteries are provided at the Audiology reception and are free of charge to our NHS hearing aid patients. Please bring the brown battery issuing book with you. You can also send a relative/friend to collect them on your behalf, as long as they bring along your brown book. Alternatively, you can post your battery book in and the batteries will be posted back to you.

Lost, damaged and stolen hearing aids
If you lose your hearing aid there is a charge of £50 per hearing aid for replacement aids. If you are in receive benefits, such as pension credit or housing benefit, please bring proof and the aid may be replaced free of charge. If your aids were stolen please bring proof of the crime reference number.

Ealing Hospital

We run two services at the Audiology department at Ealing Hospital, the Adult Audiology and Hearing Aid Service, and also offer Tinnitus Therapy. 

Click here for information on our appointments.

Adult Audiology and Hearing Aid Service (AAHAS)
At the Adult Audiology and Hearing Aid Centre, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive hearing healthcare service for people in and around the London Borough of Ealing.

We are committed to offering high quality care to improve our patients’ quality of life, where possible. Our service is based on respect, dignity, compassion and we are prepared to work in any way necessary to achieve the best therapeutic outcomes and a well-rounded patient centred experience. 

We have put together some FAQs about our service that you can read here.

How to access our service:
We accept referrals from patients who are registered with GP’s in Ealing, Hounslow, Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster. In all cases you will need to visit your General Practioner (GP) to discuss a referral to our department.

Your GP will need to have looked into your ears and have clarified that your problem is not due to wax or any debris resulting in an infection before they refer you to us.

From the date of receiving your referral from your GP we will book a diagnostic assessment (Hearing Test) within 16 working days. If you would benefit from hearing aid/s and are happy to trial them you will be booked an issue appointment within 20 working days. At the issue appointment you will also be offered a follow up appointment within nine weeks. You will then be able to book any maintenance or adjustment of hearing aid appointments by contacting us directly.

Tinnitus Therapy
We offer Tinnitus Therapy to support those patients having difficulty with this condition; in order to access this service a referral via the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) department will be required.

We can also provide information for a self-referral to DeafPlus and Action on Hearing Loss.

Supporting the ENT Clinic 
We support the ENT Clinic held at Ealing Hospital on each of its eight sessions every week.

We provide the requested Audiometry, wherever possible, during the ENT appointment to enable the doctors to make a diagnosis of the condition for which your General Practitioner (GP) has referred you to them.  If after the investigation a decision is made that hearing aids or tinnitus support is required, we would, if agreed by you, carry out that treatment independently of ENT.

If you are unable to access the service because of mobility issues transport to and from the Hospital can be provided for you.

If you are unable to speak English or usually attend appointments with Family or Friends who help interpret for you, we are able to provide interpreters on your behalf.

Services in the community
We also have a centralised appointment system co-ordinated from the department’s base in Ealing Hospital.The appointments may be offered at any of our community clinic sites or at Ealing Hospital. In all cases please contact Ealing Hospital to book an appointment.  

We provide clinics at the following community centres:

  • Southall Broadway Health Centre
  • Mattock Lane Health Centre
  • Jubilee Gardens Health Centre.

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Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals

The audiology department is based on Level 5 of the outpatients area.

Northwick Park Audiology Reception 
Tel. 020 8869 2030 (9am-5pm)

Northwick Park Audiology Department (fax)  
Fax. 020 8869 2067 

Email - lnwh-tr.audiologyappointments@nhs.net 

Central Middlesex Hospital 

The audiology department is based in area six at Central Middlesex Hospital (ACAD centre).

Audiology Reception 
Tel. 020 8869 2030 (9am-5pm)  

Email - lnwh-tr.audiologyappointments@nhs.net

Ealing Hospital

The audiology department at Ealing is based on Level 2, Ealing Hospital.

In order to book appointments at these clinics please call the Audiology Department on 020 8967 5410. You can also fax or email us:

Fax. 020 8967 5114
Email. audiology.eht@nhs.net

We are open from Monday - Friday from 8.00am - 6.00pm, and on Saturdays from 9.00am - 2.00pm. We are closed on Sundays and Bank/Public Holidays.  

All repairs are by appointment only and we do not have walk-in clinics. You do not need an appointment for replacement batteries. But please remember to bring your battery book.

 Referral information will be added shortly