Antenatal care - Ealing Hospital

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Births are no longer available at Eaing Hospital

This guide  and explains all the birthing options available in North West London and these FAQs may help to answer some of your questions. A travel map is also available here.

This poster provides details of where each of the six hospital trusts in North West London will provide antenatal care in Ealing community.

The North West London maternity vision statement can be found here.

Your first appointment   
Your first appointment is called a 'booking appointment' and will be with a midwife who will provide advice, guidance and information about your pregnancy. They will also arrange follow up appointments for you including ultrasound scans, screening tests and check-ups.

If you would like to speak to a community midwife before your booking appointment please call 020 8967 5870. This is an answerphone service so please do leave your details and a midwife will contact you within a few days. Please note this number is not for urgent queries.

If you smoke and would like help stopping please telephone 0800 876 6683.

If you use recreational drugs and would like help in giving up please telephone 020 8354 8192.

Follow up appointments 
The care you receive through pregnancy will depend on you and your baby’s health. Most healthy women will receive care throughout pregnancy from a community midwife or GP.

Our community midwife teams in Northolt, Greenford, Southall and Ealing provide antenatal and postnatal care across various local children centres.

If you have a more complex medical history or you live outside the borough of Ealing your antenatal care will be led by our hospital based team of midwives.

Day Assessment Unit (DAU) 
At the Day Assessment Unit (DAU) you and your baby will be seen as an outpatient. This monitoring may take anything from one to a few hours, depending on your clinical needs. Once complete, the midwife will review your care pathway and either discharge you or seek the opinion of an obstetrician, if appropriate.  

Referrals to the unit are received from GP’s, community midwives, obstetric team doctors and self-referrals. If you want to refer yourself please call 020 8243 5819.  

DAU aims to provide 

  • a high standard of care to women with possible or actual complications during their pregnancy in an outpatient setting and avoiding unnecessary inpatient stays
  • an assessment or monitoring of the pregnancy. This may be a ‘one off’ appointment or ongoing appointments depending on the clinical need.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm  

The DAU is situated on level 2 within the maternity unit. Access is via the antenatal clinic entrance. 

Maternity triage department 
The maternity triage department consists of two rooms where midwives perform an initial assessment of your requirements during pregnancy and refer your ongoing care to the appropriate department. This can include the midwifery led unit, labour ward or antenatal ward. Alternatively you may be discharged with appropriate advice.

Specialist clinics 
Every week there are a number of specialist clinics for women with more complex pregnancies which includes diabetes and endocrine, smoking cessation and vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) clinics.

Each consultant obstetrician also has a weekly antenatal clinic to which you may be referred to by your midwife or GP for obstetric opinion and expertise.

Antenatal physiotherapy classes are available and can be booked directly with the physiotherapy department at Ealing hospital on 020 8967 5487.

Parent education if offered, both in the community and in the hospital to all first time mothers or any pregnant women requesting to attend.

Walpole antenatal ward 
The antenatal ward has an 18 bed capacity which includes three amenity rooms and a three bedded bay which is used by women requiring induction of labour.

All antenatal inpatients are reviewed by their consultant’s team daily and as soon as their condition allows their care is transferred back to the community midwife or GP.

All care and investigations undertaken are recorded in the handheld notes to ensure all results are correctly logged and available for all primary and acute services.

If there are any deviations from the agreed antenatal care pathway, the schedule of care will be amended to reflect the involvement of obstetricians and other members of the multi-disciplinary team at the hospital.

The antenatal clinic is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5pm.

The Antenatal clinic is situated on Level 2 within the maternity unit and the antenatal ward (Walpole), is situated on Level 3 within the maternity unit.