Accident and Emergency (A&E)

A&E Picture

Map of Northwick Park Hospital showing the entrance to the A&E department 

Accident and Emergency departments are for life-threatening and serious conditions. Our A&E departments at Ealing and Northwick Park Hospital provide a 24-hour emergency services for adults, 365 days a year.

Northwick Park also provides a dedicated children's A&E providing separate facilities for the treatment of children up to 16 years of age.

Find out more about what to expect when visiting A&E here

Do you really need to visit A&E?

Ask yourself is your condition genuinely an emergency or could you receive care from a more appropriate service, such as your GP? The NHS Choices website gives guidance on the services available. There’s also the NHS 111 service which can offer clinical advice and guidance.

Remember the medical and nursing teams are there to provide treatment for emergencies. Patients with other conditions may be redirected to the most appropriate source of care for their investigation and treatment (this could be your GP or an Urgent Care Centre).

Urgent treatment but not an emergency?

If your condition is not an emergency, then a visit to an Urgent Care Centre might be more appropriate. 

Urgent Care Centre's treat patients whose condition is urgent enough that they cannot wait for the next GP appointment, but who do not need emergency treatment in A&E. 

There are Urgent Care Centres available at the following locations run by Greenbrook Healthcare in partnership with our Trust -

  • Central Middlesex Hospital (Located at the front of the hospital)
  • Ealing Hospital (Adjacent to the main A&E) 
  • Northwick Park Hospital (Adjacent to the main A&E) 
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Telephone advice

The NHS 111 Service is a free helpline available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  They can offer clinical advice and advise you on the best local service to offer the care you need. Just call 111.

Please note that A&E and the Urgent Care Centres cannot give advice over the telephone.

A&E departments

Ealing Hospital A&E
Ealing Hospital A&E has its own entrance, facing Uxbridge Road.
Tel: 020 8967 5613 (A&E reception)
Map and directions

Northwick Park Hospital A&E 
Signposted from the main entrance to the hospital.
Tel: 020 8869 3087 
Fax: 020 8869 3571
Map and directions


Urgent Care Centres

You should be aware that our emergency departments are extremely busy, so please consider whether your family doctor can help you before making your journey. 

Central Middlesex Hospital
The Urgent Care Centre at Central Middlesex Hospital operates a 24 hour service and is located at the front of the hospital.
Tel. 020 8453 3744

Ealing Hospital  
The Urgent Care Centre at Ealing Hospital is adjacent to the main A&E department.
Tel. 020 8967 5141

Northwick Park and St Marks Hospital 
The Urgent Care Centre at Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospital is adjacent to the main A&E.
Tel. 020 8869 3743

Central Middlesex, Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals

Gillian Park
, Consultant in Emergency Medicine

John Knottenbelt, Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Julie Bak, Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Sean Williams, Consultant in Emergency Medicine 

Laura Balica, Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Taher Sharif, Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Tony Bleetman, Lead Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Lauren Fraser, Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Ealing Hospital

Kisha Moore, ED Consultant

Federico Castellanos-Arango, ED Consultant

Fred Sackey, ED Consultant

Rob Taylor-Smith, ED Associate Specialist

Useful links

The NHS Choices website gives information on a number of conditions and guidance on the services available to you in your area. You can also contact them on 0845 4647 (available 24 hours). 

There’s also the NHS 111 service which is a free telephone helpline service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  They can offer clinical advice and advise you on the best local service to offer the care you need. Just call 111.