Health Service Research (HSR)

Health Service Research

The primary goals of Health Service Research (HSR) are to identify effective ways of delivering care to the population. This involves organising, managing, financing and reducing medical errors to improve patient safety and focus on delivery and access to care. Health service research may also incorporate traditional medical research e.g. clinical trials, but the scope is usually wider in terms of implications for a service. Discovering new therapies and ways of treating patients is important but it is equally important to know whether they are effective, efficient and appropriate ways of providing care.

Our aim is to encourage research that helps to improve the quality, organisation and management of health services and systems. London North West Healthcare NHS Trust has multidisciplinary and multi-professional staff delivering care to a diverse population in North West London. 

The department works closely with the clinicians to assess the current levels of service provision, to develop outcome measures, indicators and data collection methods. The North West London Research Hub is also host to the London North West Collaboration for Leadership and Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) hub, River Island Paediatric Academic Unit, Patient Representatives, Trust R&D Pharmacy Unit and support for Intellectual Property. R&D also works in collaboration with primary care and community services for research.

We hope to extend our work on improving health service and systems by providing world class research and educational facilities at local, national and international level with translational research in the Trust.

In particular we concentrate on the areas of bowel disease, cancer, coronary heart disease, infectious disease and sexual health, Multiprofessional Health Services Research and Rehabilitation, Sickle Cell Disease and the Haemoglobinopathies: Optimal Diagnosis and Management, paediatrics and child health, ethnic minority health and epidemiology 

R&D at the Trust provides researchers with support and guidance in HSR. If you have an idea you want to develop R&D will provide all the help that is required.

Some of the areas of support include:

  • Training
  • Writing protocol
  • Filling and submitting IRAS applications
  • Statistics
  • Writing programme and project grants
  • Research governance.