How do I start a project

All research and development projects undertaken within London North West Healthcare NHS Trust should meet the following criteria:

  • Projects should be designed to provide new knowledge needed to improve the performance of the NHS in improving health
  • Projects should be designed so that findings will be of value to those in the NHS facing similar problems outside the Trust, i.e. be generalisable
  • The aims of the project should be compatible with the objectives and strategy of the Trust
  • The project should be relevant to local and national NHS needs and priorities and have a potentially useful outcome for the NHS and for population of Brent, Ealing and Harrow
  • Projects should follow a clear, well-defined written protocol (unless, in line with prevailing professional standards, this is not appropriate), including a clear statement of the hypothesis or problem to be addressed
  • All projects should be subjected to external or internal peer review
  • All projects must have obtained the approval, where necessary, of an NHS Research Ethics Committee
  • There must be clearly defined arrangements for project management to ensure that the project delivers the anticipated outcome
  • There must be a clear intention to share information about the work with other researchers in the field and to disseminate research findings widely
  • Projects should not duplicate work already completed or in progress elsewhere
  • Projects should adopt an appropriate multidisciplinary approach to addressing the R&D problem, including an appropriate integration of non-clinical perspectives, e.g. the use of quality of life instruments or inclusion of health economic assessment
  • Projects should have appropriate involvement and participation of all relevant professions
  • Projects should provide research training opportunities, where possible
  • Projects should be costed in detail and represent good value for money
  • If the project is commercially funded, the sponsor must reimburse the Trust for the full cost of hosting the research
  • Researchers should ensure that patients or their representatives have been involved in the design of the project, and be involved in the implementation and dissemination of results
  • All research should be logged onto appropriate databases e.g. clinical trials.gov, or other subject specific databases.