Pharmacy is an integral part of research and development here at London North West Healthcare NHS Trust.

The pharmacy clinical trials team currently consists of four dedicated personnel: two pharmacists and two pharmacy technicians. The team is based within the research and development (R&D) department working closely with the research co-ordinators, nurses and the R&D team.

The pharmacy clinical trials team makes sure that research projects involving medicines are undertaken safely and are conducted according to European and UK laws and guidelines. There are a variety of research medicines, also known as investigational medicinal products (IMPs), from oral tablets and capsules to injections. The team ensures that research medicines have been manufactured to the correct standards and are managed appropriately. This involves research medicines being received, stored and issued correctly with complete traceability.

The team is also involved in the monitoring and auditing of clinical trials and works closely with the R&D governance team in preparing for external regulatory inspections by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The pharmacy department also has the facilities to manufacture research medicines. This manufacture is carried out under a licence (IMP licence) issued by the MHRA. The pharmacy can make non-sterile medicines (such as oral liquids) and sterile medicines (such as injections).

Contact the team for further information regarding pharmacy involvement in research at the Trust, and the services they are able to offer.

Pharmacy Clinical Trials Team
Tel: 020 8869 2206

IMP Manufacturing
Tel: 020 8869 2945
Email: nwlh-tr.IMPservice@nhs.net