Clinical trials

Clinical Trails

Clinical Trials of investigational Medicinal Products (CTIMPS) fall under the EU Clinical Trial Directive. These projects need to meet additional regulatory requirements.

Currently the Trust is not in a position to sponsor clinical trials due to monitoring and support purposes.

Is my project a clinical trial?

If you are not sure of this, check out the MHRA algorithm at the planning stage. You may also want to refer to the MHRA toolkit.

If after referring to the algorithm you feel that your study is a CTIMP, you will need approval from Medicines and Healthcare products Regulation Agency (MHRA) in addition to the REC approval and R&D approval
The Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) also have specific requirements. You should involve the pharmacy early on for guidance on this.

The Department of Health and Medical Research Council also provide guidance and toolkits on how to set up and run a CTIMP.

Trial sponsored by another organisation

If your trial is being sponsored by another hospital or academic institution and theTrust is one of the participating sites then contact the R&D Department directly for advice and guidance. 


Funding for your project, research, study or programme can be obtained from various organisations. Generally applications for funding or grants are very competitive and it is advisable to inform the R&D Department when you are thinking of applying for any such funding.

We will keep this section updated as and when opportunities for grants and funding arise.

Grant applications and process support

If you need support with grant applications please contact the following:

Sunder Chita, Health Service Research Manager
Tel: 020 8869 5829
Email: sunderchita@nhs.net 

Research governance queries

Simon Lewis, Research Governance Manager              
Tel: 020 8869 5173
Email: simon.lewis4@nhs.net   

Grant financial management

The R&D department at the Trust has a dedicated R&D Accounts Manager, Mita Kotecha, who deals with all the costing for any grant applications. She will provide financial support from beginning to end of the project.

Mita Vithlani, R&D Accounts Manager 
Tel: 020 8869 5286
Email: mita.vithlani@nhs.net 

You can also use our dedicated mailbox to communicate with the research team directly via LNWH-tr.research@nhs.net