Going home


The staff looking after you will help you plan for when you are ready to leave hospital. This is sometimes described as your discharge home. If you have any problems or concerns about going home please inform the nursing staff.

Co-ordinating your discharge requires good planning and may involve waiting for medicines and a review by medical staff. We ask that you arrange your own transport home. If you have any medical need for hospital transport, please discuss this with a senior member of the nursing team.

In the morning on the day you are due to go home, you will be transferred to the discharge lounge to wait until arrangements have been made for you to be picked up.

Ward staff will make sure before you are discharged that:

  • You have clear information about any future planned treatment, including outpatient appointments
  • You know how to care for yourself after your hospital treatment
  • You have enough medicine, or, if not, it is prescribed before you leave
  • Your GP and / or any community staff who care for you in your neighbourhood have been informed that you are going home
  • A copy of the letter to your GP will normally be sent to you.

If you are worried about your condition or treatment within a month of leaving the hospital please contact the ward that cared for you.