Bringing forms of identification to your first maternity and cardiology appointment

We are asking all non-emergency patients attending maternity and cardiology services to provide proof of identity and proof of address at their first appointment.

This Department of Health and NHS Improvement supported pilot will assess whether patients are eligible for free NHS treatment, in line with national regulations.

NHS hospital treatment is free to people who are Ordinarily Resident in the United Kingdom. If you do not normally live here and you do not meet one of the exemptions from charges then you will have to pay for any treatment you might need. This is regardless of whether you are a British citizen, have lived or worked here in the past or have paid UK taxes/National Insurance in the past.

What documents do I need to bring?

The following documents can be used as proof of identity:

  • Current signed passport
  • Residence permit issued by UK Border Agency
  • For patients who are claiming asylum, an IND and ARC
  • EU or Swiss National Identity Photo-card
  • Valid armed forces or police photographic identity card
  • If entry to the UK is dependent on a spouse or a family member of an EU national, then please also send their documents as above (plus a copy of any marriage certificates if sponsored by your spouse).

The following documents can be used as proof of address. They must contain your current address and be dated within the last six months:

  • Recent original utility bill (gas, electric, water, telephone) (mobile phone bill is not acceptable)
  • Council tax bill (current year)
  • Bank, building society or credit union statement or passbook
  • Recent original mortgage statement from recognised lender
  • Current council or housing association rent book or tenancy agreement
  • Notification letter from Department for Work and Pensions confirming your right to benefit or state pension

We are also asking patients to complete, in advance, a pre-attendance form that was sent with their appointment letter. They must bring this to the first appointment only. You can download the form here.

Will you turn patients away who cannot pay?

No, we will not turn any patients away or delay their treatment if they cannot pay, nor if they are not eligible for free care.

If a patient is not eligible for free NHS care, they will be charged for any treatment given to them.

Our overseas visitors team will work with affected patients to assess their eligibility and to support them and discuss payment arrangements if they are not eligible for free NHS treatment.

Further information

This leaflet explains who has the right to have free hospital treatment under the NHS. It also tells you when you need to pay for hospital treatment or other care:

Further information can also found on our Overseas patients page.

If you have any further queries, please contact our overseas visitors team on 020 8869 5189, 020 8869 2540 or email lnwh-tr.overseas@nhs.net