Medical records for Northwick Park, St Mark's and Central Middlesex Hospitals

Requesting medical records from Northwick Park, St Mark's and Central Middlesex Hospitals

You have the right to see your medical records and letters related to your care. If you would like to see your records, you can let your nurse or doctor know or you can fill in the correct form  

and send it to:

Northwick Park and St Mark’s Hospitals
The Medical Records Department
Northwick Park Hospital
Watford Road

Central Middlesex Hospital
The Medical Records Department
Central Middlesex Hospital
Acton Lane
Park Royal
NW10 7NS

If you wish to receive copies of your records our charges are as follows;
Search plus:

  • Up to 5 pages £20 
  • From 6 - 30 pages £30 
  • 31 pages or more £50

The fee covers the costs incurred in the disclosure process which include:

  • Time spent locating, retrieving and disclosing medical records
  • Time spent by medical staff checking the medical records to ensure that it is safe to proceed with disclosure  
  • Time spent copying the records 
  • Material cost of photocopying and postage. 

We can send you details of our charges before copying the records if you wish; we hope to deal with your request within 40 days as detailed in the Act (bear in mind it may take longer than 40 days if you are attending hospital for appointments, investigations or your records are on loan to other departments). We may not have access to your records until you have finished your attendances.

Requests are dealt with in order of date received and copies will be released once we receive the appropriate payment (if you are paying by cheque, cheques should be payable to North West London Hospitals NHS Trust). We will notify you about the charges by invoice.

If you would like to know more about how we use information about you, speak to the person in charge of your care when you come to the hospital.

If you have specific concerns or questions about the use of your personal information please address these in writing to; the Deputy Senior Information Risk Owner, P Block, London North West Heathcare NHS Trust, Watford Road, Harrow HA1 3UJ

or email lnwh-tr.informationgovernance@nhs.net

The Caldicott Guardian at the Trust is;  Dr Simon Gabe, Consultant Gastroenterologist, London North West Healthcare NHS Trust, Watford Road, Harrow HA1 3UJ.

How we might share your information

Your information is kept on our computerised patient information systems as well as in your written medical records.

Often we are required to assess the care we are giving to patients with particular conditions. Our computers can generate lists of these patients so we then look at the notes to check them against known standards of care. These checks are called audits. Audits are done to make sure that the best care is being maintained and, where possible, identifiable information about you will be removed.

  • The Thames Cancer Registry request information so that they can see trends and inform the government on needs related to cancer care. Their data collection officers come in and look through patients’ notes for information such as name, address, hospital number and clinical information for example diagnosis and treatment which may be checked across different hospitals where care may have been provided
  • Four National Confidential enquiries request information so that audits take place with the aim to improve care nationall
  • National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcomes and Deaths NCEPOD
  • Confidential enquiries into: maternal deaths, stillbirths and deaths in infancy
  • Patients having investigations for cancer or to eliminate the possibility of cancer Patients may come to the hospital with breast lumps, rectal bleeding etc., which may be a sign of cancer. Their details are put on a computer, which contains their personal information, diagnosis, treatment, history etc
  • We send personal data to other hospitals to match it with their data. We do this to find out more about the patients’ chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • The Health Authority also asks for information for audit. Where possible, data is anonymous for feedback of audit results
  • National audits are done through professional organisations such as The Royal College of Physicians, The Royal College of Surgeons etc. They ask for information to look at the care of patients suffering cancer, myocardial infarction (heart attacks), stroke, chronic obstructive airways disease, epilepsy, or who have had blood transfusions etc. The information they gather can tell us how well we care for patients nationally.

Eventually all patients’ care and history will be computerised with the national electronic patient record.