The number of references we take up will depend upon your work history. You should remember that no one is legally obliged to provide a reference, unless there is a specific contractual agreement. Therefore, it's a good idea to ask permission from the people you wish to be your referees. Make sure you provide accurate contact details for them and let them know if a reference request is being sent to them. This often speeds up the process and avoids unnecessary delays to you starting your job.

You will need to give us their names, a contact address, telephone number and email address.  Please note that most of our communication is done by email.

Your first referee should be your current employer if you are in work and the other should be from a previous employer/school/college.

If you have not worked for some time or have never worked, use referees who can comment on your ability to do the job, e.g. a teacher, course tutor or charity organiser.

Don't give the names of family members or friends.