Equal opportunities

Equality and diversity

The information you supply through your NHS jobs application form, is used for reporting only. The hiring managers and interview panel cannot see this information. This information, once reported, helps us to see how effective our policies on promoting equal opportunities and valuing diversity are. It will never be used to decide who will be offered the job.

Equality and diversity in every day working life   

Applicants with disabilities

 When you apply for a job with us, we will ask if you have a disability. This is so that we are able to meet  the requirements of the two-tick disability scheme which means that you will be guaranteed an interview, providing you meet the person specification for a job. 

Please note every candidate has to select whether they wish to opt-in to this scheme on their application if they have a disability in order to get an interview 

Please note that this part of the application form is confidential and will not be shared with the recruiting manager at any stage during the process. We encourage all applicants to disclose any disabilities so we can provide the best possible support for your application and, if required, consider what adjustments will be necessary to ensure you are able to carry out the job to the best of your abilities.

 Mindful employer

As part of our commitment to support people with mental ill-health into work, we have signed up to the Mindful Employer initiative. The Mindful Employer charter is a voluntary agreement which we have signed up to as part of our social inclusion work plan which relates to the Trust as an employer. Through this scheme we aim to increase awareness of mental health at work and identify where we need to improve support. One thing we do actively is support managers within the trust to effectively manage employees with mental health problems. We will also use the skills and experience of our occupational health service to assess the type of support that might be needed and if there are any requirements for reasonable adjustments in line with the Equalities Act (2000).

Stonewall Diversity Champion

We are also proud to be a Stonewall Diversity Champion; a programme promoting good practice in employment on sexual orientation. Being a member of this programme is a sign of our openness and inclusivity and will help our LGB staff to 'be themselves' and to perform to their full potential in a work environment that is free from homophobic attitudes and behaviours. We will also be taking part in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index (WEI) which is a benchmarking tool that will help us to assess our work on LGB equality and identify where we can make improvements.  As part of this programme we also have access to a wider pool of talent due to our editorial in the Stonewall 'Starting Out Careers Guide', which is distributed throughout the UK.

Reports: Equality and diversity workforce report 2015