Student health visitors

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Becoming a student health visitor

We are committed to supporting student health visitors in getting the best experience from their training. We have recently established the health visiting professional support unit to ensure that students are supported in the application process, during training, and when newly qualified.

As a student health visitor you will have a Specialist Community Practice Teacher (SCPT) allocated to you at the start of your training.

SCPTs have a number of key responsibilities; they:

  • Organise and co-ordinate your learning activities, primarily in practice
  • Oversee learning environments
  • Supervise your activities and provide you with constructive feedback on your achievements   
  • Set and monitor your achievements of realistic learning outcomes in practice
  • Assess your overall performance – including skills, attitudes and behaviours
  • Provide evidence, as required by programme providers, of your achievements   
  • Sign-off your achievement of proficiency at the end of the final period of practice learning, or a period of consolidated practice (NMC 2008). 

In addition, you may be allocated a mentor who will work with your SCPT to ensure you are achieving the right learning outcomes. Your mentor will act as a clinical facilitator and will be responsible for your day-to-day supervision and teaching, under the guidance of a recognised SCPT. It is anticipated that the practice teacher and mentor will work closely together in the planning and implementing of your programme. London North West Healthcare NHS Trust is committed to the concept of ‘the team around the student’, recognising that every team member has a role to play in ensuring that you have the best learning opportunity.

Once you have qualified, the support continues via the Preceptorship Programme, which is designed to meet the standards set out by the Department of Health (DoH) guidance on preceptorship (‘A Health Visiting Career’ DoH, May 2012). This will be for a period of one year.