How we investigate your complaint

Your feedback, whether it’s about your care or the care of someone you know, helps us identify if we’ve made a mistake or could do better in the future.

If you make a formal complaint about your care, it will be investigated by a senior member of staff who hasn’t been involved in your care.

Depending on the type of complaint, they will:

  • review clinical records
  • interview staff members who have cared for you
  • consider any other facts or documents, such as policies.

At the end of the investigation, you receive a written response to your complaint based on the findings of the investigator.

Although it is unusual, a complaint investigation sometimes raises the possibility that a serious incident may have taken place.

If this we find a serious incident has taken place, we will investigate as usual. In some cases, this means that it may take slightly longer to respond to your original complaint, but we’ll let you know.

We also use the findings of our complaint investigations to create action plans, which we share with our teams. This helps us to make improvements so that we can prevent the problem from happening again.

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Help us improve our website. How useful was this page?