Everyone who comes into hospital must wear a face covering. Your face covering must cover your mouth and nose.

You can buy face coverings from various places online, or you can make one at home by following the government’s instructions.

Remember, face coverings are just one way to protect yourself, other patients and staff. They only work if everyone uses them and wears them properly: with your mouth and nose covered.

Pay attention to the signs and floor markings that show you how much distance to give other people. Our shops and outlets are allowing a few people in at a time, and they’ve laid out one-way systems to help social distancing.

Check your symptoms

We're checking everyone for COVID-19 symptoms to help keep the virus out of our hospitals and clinics.

If we have any concerns about your symptoms you won’t be allowed in, and we’ll reschedule your appointment if we need to.

This applies to everyone who's coming to hospital for planned appointment or procedure, and members of the public visiting someone in hospital.

If you need emergency care, we're still open as usual but you must still wear a face covering.

Coming to hospital

We’ve introduced new guidance for people coming to hospital for an appointment or a planned procedure such as surgery or an endoscopy.

There are also new rules for people who are visiting a friend or family member.

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Help us improve our website. How useful was this page?