The Postgraduate Medical Education Team

Dr. Roger Sharpe Associate Medical Director
Email: roger.sharpe@nhs.net

Dr. Bhanu Williams, Director of Postgraduate Medical Education
Email: bhanu.williams@nhs.net 

Dr. Daniel McCrea, Clinical Tutor
Email: daniel.mccrea@nhs.net

Mr. Arvind Singh, Associate Director of Medical Education/ Consultant ENT Surgeon
Email: arvind.singh1@nhs.net

Dr. Wing May Kong, Associate Director of Medical Education/Consultant Physician 
Email: wing.kong@nhs.net

Dr. Naila Kamal, Associate Director of Medical Education
Email: nailakamal@nhs.net 

Sandy Thompson, Assistant Director of Medical Education
Email: sandy.thompson@nhs.net 

Sachin Trivedi, Postgraduate Centre Manager
Email: sachin.trivedi@nhs.net  Phone : 0208 869 2292

Shelley Brier, Courses Development Manager
Email: shelleybrier@nhs.net  Phone: 0208 869 3124

Sabina Mehdic, CAS Administrator
Email: sabina.mehdic@nhs.net  Phone: 0208 869 2254

Rekha Kerai, MMC Co-ordinator
Email: r.kerai@nhs.net  Phone: 0208 869 5344

Dipti Khatri, Postgraduate Administrator
Email: dipti.khatri@nhs.net  Phone : 0208 869 3026

Vikram Raj, Simulation and AV Technician/Admin
Email: vikram.raj@nhs.net  Phone : 0208 869 2199