NHS e-Referral Service

The Trust contact for NHS e-Referral Service is: aieshasiyahla@nhs.net

We aim to have all routine first appointments to consultant led clinics made through the e-Referral Service.

Unfortunately follow up appointments cannot be booked via NHS e-Referral Service.

When you refer a patient through the e-Referral Service the following actions will help us to process your referral quickly and appropriately:

  • Select the service carefully - is a specialised clinic more appropriate than a general clinic?
  • Attach the referral letter as soon as possible to avoid delays in triaging or in clinic.
  • Make sure your referral includes the following: NHS number; up to date patient contact details; current medication and treatment plans; interpreter requirements. 

There are now 169 services that can be booked through the service and this includes two week waits.

The e-Referral Service team is happy to receive feedback about how our services are presented on e-Referral Service. Please email aieshasiyahla@nhs.net  with your comments. For general information about e-Referral Service you can visit the NHS e-Referral Service website.