NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS)

NHS e-Referral System (e-RS) is the safe and easy way to refer your patient to one of our consultant-led services, including elective care and two week waits (2WW). A full list of our services available on e-RS is available below.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggests, drop our e-RS team a line.

Defer to provider

If you can’t find a slot that’s directly bookable, simply click defer to provider. That means the referral comes straight to us, and just like a booking an appointment in the usual way, it’s findable, auditable, and secure.

Our paper switch-off plan

We now reject all routine referrals for consultant-led first appointments that are not made using e-RS. Remember, please make one referral for each individual appointment. Duplicate referrals can cause problems with our patient tracking lists, and can result in wasted appointment slots.

We’ve listed our routine and two week wait (2WW) services below, as well as the services that are currently excluded.

Types of Services available on e-RS

We offer two types of service on e-RS:

  • directly bookable services
  • Referral Assessment Services (RAS).

Directly bookable services

For directly bookable services, you can make an appointment with your patient straight away – just click book now. All our referrals are triaged by one of our specialists, so whether your patient needs to be seen urgently or routinely, you can be sure that we’ll book an appropriate appointment based on their clinical need.

If you find that you can’t book an appointment on e-RS, use our defer to provider process, as above.

Referral assessment service (RAS)

If your patient needs one of our Referral Assessment Services (RAS), find the service on e-RS as normal and select send for triage.

We will triage the referral to select the best pathway for your patient, and will book an appropriate appointment with them.

What to do if e-RS isn’t working

As part of our business continuity plan, we have agreed some arrangements with our partner organisations about what you should do if e-RS isn’t working.

Read our business continuity plan.

Who we’ll talk to if e-RS is not working

If we learn that e-RS is not working, we will contact a number of people to keep them informed about the situation. These people or teams will include:

  • our IT helpdesk
  • operational managers in our access, outpatients and cancer management
  • the NWL CCG IT helpdesk
  • the national e-RS service desk
  • relevant Referral Management Centres

More advice on using e-RS

There are lots of resources available to provide you with more advice on using e-RS, and your CCG may be able to supply you with more information.

We suggest taking a look at some helpful video guides, as well as NHS Digital’s webpages on e-RS.