Information about coronavirus (COVID-19)

To stop the spread of coronavirus and to keep our patients, staff, and communities safe, we’ve made some temporary changes to your care.

Wear a face covering to protect other patients, visitors, and our staff

Please wear a face covering when you come to the hospital. Your face covering must cover your mouth and nose.

Only take off your face covering if your clinician asks you to.

You can buy face coverings from various places online, or you can make one at home by following the government’s instructions.

Remember, face coverings are just one way to protect ourselves, our friends and family, other patients, and staff. They only work if everyone uses them.

Our response to COVID-19

Northwick Park Hospital was one of a group of hospitals chosen to care for patients with COVID-19. We have some of the most experienced healthcare professionals in the country who are ready and capable of dealing with this new illness.

While we’re still learning so much about the illness and the virus that causes it, our staff and volunteers have stepped up to help our communities during this difficult time.

We pioneered community testing, instigated a new approach to dialysis, and redeployed staff to work with our frontline teams.

Our community partners and volunteers have donated goods, hot food, money, and their time to help us go above and beyond for our staff and patients.

We’re so proud of everyone who’s helped.

You can do you bit, too. Remember to follow the government’s advice, wear a face covering when you’re in our hospitals, and keep your distance.

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Help us improve our website. How useful was this page?