About our bereavement service

Very sadly, bereavement is a normal life experience. Working through the pain of loss and coming to terms with the death of a loved one are very important, and can affect our future health, both mental and physical.

Many people may not need additional support at this time, as grief can affect us all in different ways. But there are a growing number of bereavement services to support people who are experiencing grief, from general bereavement befriending to specialist professional counselling.

At our bereavement office, our staff can offer you advice on local community bereavement support agencies, and can arrange follow up meetings with hospital staff if this is something that would help you.

Our staff coordinate the paperwork which is needed after a person's death, such as the medical cause of death certificate (MCCD) and cremation forms. They also work closely with staff inside and outside the Trust, including:

  • medical and nursing staff
  • funeral directors
  • H.M. Coroner’s office
  • the Registry office.

Bereavement support

We understand that losing a loved one can feel overwhelming, especially if the death was sudden, untimely and unexpected.

There are a number of organisations who can support you and your family during this distressing time.


Cruse is a national bereavement organisation that has a helpful website which addresses many aspects of bereavement during this time.

Via your local council

Local bereavement services have moved to telephone support only, but are still open.

Other resources

Once again, please accept our sincere condolences for your loss.

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Help us improve our website. How useful was this page?