Raising concerns (whistleblowing)

Raising Concerns (whistleblowing) in London North West Healthcare NHS Trust 

The Trust is keen to promote an environment which enables staff and other workers in the Trust, feel able to raise concerns which are in the public interest in a responsible way without fear of victimisation

If you see or hear something that results in a concern about a risk, wrong-doing or malpractice in the Trust, then do something about it.

The Raising Concerns at Work Policy provides information, guidance and a procedure for raising concerns at work or “whistleblowing”.  Both phrases are used although “raising concerns” is favoured as it better describes the broad range of approaches which make up raising concerns and “whistleblowing” has negative connotations for some.

Any Trust worker who wishes to raise a concern should

  • If these channels have been followed and you still have concerns, or if you feel that the matter is so serious that you cannot discuss it with any of the above, you can contact the Non-Executive Director with responsibility for Whistleblowing, Janet Rubin.  She may be contacted by either writing to her at Trust Headquarters, Northwick Park Hospital, Watford Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 3UJ or email Janet.Rubin@nhs.net

Anyone thinking of formally raising a concern should consider obtaining advice.  There are a number of ways of doing this; e.g.

  • Consult the Policy, there is lots of information and ways of accessing advice in paragraph 13
  • Talk to your trade union representative
  • Contact the National Whistleblowing Helpline by calling 08000 724 725 (Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm; message service outside these hours or on Bank Holidays) or send an email to: enquiries@wbhelpline.org.uk .

The Policy explains the choices about raising concerns.  In order of preference from the Trust’s point of view these are:

  • Openly – see para 12.1 of the Policy why this is the preferred option
  • Confidentially – see para 12.2
  • Anonymously – see para 12.3.There are many drawbacks to this, one being that we cannot keep the person who raises the concern informed on progress dealing with it.

We will deal with all concerns raised as best we can.