Clinical audit and effectiveness

There are statutory, mandatory and professional requirements for organisations to participate in clinical audit. When carried out in accordance with Best Practice standards, clinical audit provides assurance of compliance with clinical standards, identifies and minimises risk, waste and inefficiencies and ultimately improves quality of care and patient outcomes.

Put more simply, clinical audit measures the care and services provided against agreed standards and then makes necessary improvements in order to improve the quality of the care and services delivered. Clinical audit can also demonstrate that no changes are necessary if care is delivered correctly.

The Trust has an annual clinical audit programme that aligns national requirements with our internal priorities. 

Participation in national audits is designed to improve patient outcomes across a wide range of medical, surgical, and community health conditions. In addition, local clinical audits are conducted to assess services and these may be based on National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidance, trends in incidents, or patient experiences.

Clinical audit and effectiveness at London North West Healthcare NHS Trust

There is an overarching Audit group that oversees audit and effectiveness activity and approves the priority audit programme for the Trust.

The Clinical Audit Team are a small team of experts with specialist skills and knowledge on project planning, audit tool design, data collection and analysis and they support clinical audit activity across the organisation. Each year they collectively contribute to the completion of an annual audit and effectiveness report, which lists audit activity for the Trust over the last financial year.

Health care professionals are required to adhere to the Trust Clinical Audit Policy and strive towards achieving the targets and objectives set out within the Clinical Audit Strategy. The team has produced detailed guidance on every step of the Clinical Audit cycle to help staff.

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