Triplets triple thanks to hospital staff

The Patel family in the neonatal unit, Northwick Park
The Patel family in the neonatal unit, Northwick Park

A Barnet family returned to the hospital where their triplets were born to thank staff and show their now 18 year-old children where home was for the first weeks of their life.

Jaya Patel prematurely gave birth to triplets Jayna, Jinesh and Jitesh at Northwick Park Hospital in 2000.

The triplets were delivered two months early and Jaya and husband Manoj had to make daily trips to the hospital’s neonatal unit.

Jaya, who works as an administrator at the hospital and lives in Colindale, said: “It was tough because we weren’t allowed to pick them up for several weeks but the staff were fantastic.

“The children wanted to see where it all began and one of the original nurses who looked after them was still there. You wouldn’t think they could fit in my hand to look at them now.”

The triplets are currently completing their A-levels and hope to study geography, computer science and finance at university.

Northwick Park helps delivers several hundred babies a month.

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