NHS bakers rise to the challenge

Crepe bakers: the team at Ealing Community Services
Crepe bakers: the team at Ealing Community Services

One group of bakers who take the Great British Bake Off seriously are staff at Ealing Community Services.

The sweet-toothed speech and language therapists hold their own version of the popular TV show dubbed The Great Ealing Bake Off when they match the show’s weekly challenges.

Expectations are high among the19 participants who have to the hold down the day job while rustling something special up in the evening in the hope of being crowned Queen of the Bakes.

Rosie Bowness Clarke is the first to complete the biscuit challenge with wagon wheels, while Brody Cruickshank and Lucy Flaherty created a Blueberry and Lime Drizzle tray bake for the signature challenge.

 Rosie admits burning the midnight oil during her bake and missing the show in the process.

“No-one was allowed to tell me what happened until I watched it on catch up TV the following night.”

Karen Benedyk, Clinical Head of Speech and Language Therapy for Ealing Community Services, said: “We’re all big fans and always look forward to the new series. The cakes are made at home and eaten in the office."

The team whipped up 11 creations during the last series ranging from cardamom and blueberry buns and Portuguese tarts to chocolate mousse cake and strawberry and raspberry Pavlova with meringue kisses.