History archives shed light on hospital robot

Jeeves the robot
Jeeves the robot on patrol

One of Northwick Park Hospital’s most unusual employees came to light this week as the trust began collecting material for its NHS70 celebrations this summer.

Jeeves the Robot, complete with his own ID card, was employed to carry blood samples and medical notes around the hospital in the mid-1990s.

The five-foot high robot, who was already employed in more than 50 American hospitals, was used to carry out ‘mundane but unavoidable tasks.’

Jeeves, who was pre-programmed with a map of the hospital, moved at a slow walking speed and immediately stopped if obstructed before making a polite request for people to step aside. The death ray was obviously an optional extra.

Sadly, it seemingly failed its six month probation although its modern-day protégé, the Tug, is now widely used in the US to deliver both meals and drugs.

Rust in peace, Jeeves.