Volunteers & Projects 

Volunteers and Volunteering

Currently we have 35 volunteers who support the running of the charity shop and the work of the Committee.

Our volunteers are from all walks of life, from many different professions and backgrounds.  We are delighted and proud that The League of Friends at Northwick Park can attract such a diverse range of people who are willing to give their time to support the work of the League and its aims.

The volunteers who work in the shop, do a 2 hour session each week while our committee volunteers do a range of adminstrative jobs.

We always need volunteers.

If you or a friend have a couple of spare hours a week - we would love to hear from you. 

Please ring  Derek Jones or Liz Murphy on 0208 863 3947 for a chat.

It is not always possible to answer the phone in person so please leave a message and we call  you back.



Video Equipment


Video conferencing equipment -  The  Education department purchased over £10,000 worth of video and camera equipment which enables doctors and other clinical colleagues to  share lectures and teaching sessions  across all of the Trust's sites.

This has proved a very successful way to maximising the teaching opportunities for staff as well as making the most effective use of doctors', nurses and other clinical staffs'  time.



Mobile saturation monitor and printer

Mobile saturation monitor and printer - Matron Jacquie Waldron pictured with Bharat Pindoria, Sangeeta Rabadia from Pindoria Solicitors along with Derek Jones, Chairman of The League of Friends and secretary Liz Murphy.  Pindoria Solicitors very generously approached the League to make a large donation of over £11,000 on behalf of the late Eric George Cecil Rawson. The League were delighted Pindoria Solicitors chose us on behalf of their client.  The mobile monitor enables children and young people to undergo various tests, without the need for them to be moved.  Staff are delighted and it has proved a great success already.


Hover mats and air supply carts

Hover mats and air supply carts - Thanks again to Pindoria Solicitors and the estate of the late Eric George Cecil Rawson.  The generous donation also paid for the hover mats and support maintenance equipment. Vickie Miller, superintendent radiologist said,

 "What makes the hover mats so special is that we can transfer patients from a bed to the X-raying equipment with complete ease.  It is so much more comfortable for the patient and there is very little strain on the staff. It is especially good for the very frail patient and those patients with broken bones, we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Thank you to the League”.