Freedom of Information: Disclosure and publication of datasets by the Trust

Where datasets are sought from the Trust as a Freedom of Information request, the Trust must, so far as reasonably practicable, provide the information to the applicant in an electronic form which is capable of re-use in accordance with the terms specified in the ‘Open Government Licence’. The terms of the Open Government Licence may be found at this link;

The Publication Scheme must include publication of the datasets the Trust holds in response to any request made under the Freedom of Information Act, and any updated version of that dataset, unless the Trust is satisfied that it is not appropriate for the dataset to be so published. Datasets will also be added to the Trust Disclosure Log on a quarterly basis as and when requests for Datasets are received.

Definition of a Dataset

Within the Protection of Freedoms Act a “dataset” means information comprising a collection of information held in electronic form where all or most of the information in the collection:

(a) has been obtained or recorded for the purpose of providing a public authority with information in connection with the provision of a service by the authority or the carrying out of any other function of the authority,
(b) is factual information which
(i)is not the product of analysis or interpretation other than calculation, and (ii)is not an official statistic (within the meaning given by section 6(1) of the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007), and
(c) remains presented in a way that (except for the purpose of forming part of the collection) has not been organised, adapted or otherwise materially altered since it was obtained or recorded.”

Reproductions of information must comply with these conditions:

• reproductions may only be made from the official version
• there must be no reproduction for the purposes of advertising or promoting a product or service or for promoting particular personal interests or views
• the material must not be used in a derogatory or misleading manner
• it must be produced accurately and acknowledged