Breastfeeding sick premature babies

Love and Nuture, Infant feeding and lactation support on the Neonatal Unit
It can be an emotional and distressing time for new parents when baby is unwell or born early. Breastmilk is really important for sick and premature babies as it protects against infection and supports optimum growth during this difficult time of separation. These short videos by small wonders explain why it is important to breastfeed an unwell baby - http://sw3.bestbeginnings.org.uk/

The Neonatal unit has a room especially designed to help you express your milk where you can relax and unwind and also express beside your baby. 

This leaflet will be given to you to help support you with feeding during the time your baby is admitted to Neonatal Unit.

Express room Neonatal Unit
Neonatal Unit Express Room